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Drawing/Carving a line WITHOUT overlapping WITHOUT continuous stroke


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I have been having trouble with a certain aspect of the sculpting tools because I am used to drawing and being able to draw using many strokes ( to adjust my hand or whatever).


In 3D sculpting it is even more important because sometimes you are trying to draw something that is not on a flat plane ( it wraps around something for example) and thus you have to change your camera angle to be able to see where you are drawing.


To to this (as far as I know) you have to lift up your stroke, change the angle, and then continue the line with another stroke.


The problem this creates for me is illustrated below.  If you lift your pen or want to draw something that isn't one continuous line, when you replace your pen at the point where you left off, it will either create a bump (when adding) or a divot (when subtracting) at that point.  I assume this is because the brush adds or subtracts a fixed amount of...material... based on the height of where you clicked and the depth you have the brush set at.


My question is, how can I create a seamlessly flowing line without having to draw it in one continuous stroke?






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A way to do it is use the spline tool in the "E" panel, The 9th one along.Just lay down a line then apply. 

Or the expensive way....get a 3d mouse, you can rotate and sculpt at the same time,but it can be a bit fiddly! Great for texturing though.

Thanks for the reply.


I checked out your first suggestion and unless I looked at the wrong place, the 9th spline WOULD possibly work for this but for two problems.

1.  this is the "pipe" segment spline so it has a little ring around the pipe at each segment.  not sure if there is a way to make it JUST a cylinder but otherwise that creates the same issue of having to attempt to smooth out the divots/bumps which isn't easy or clean looking.


2.  Second suggestion sounds cool but at the same time it only eliminates HALF the problem.  Even though you can change your angle, you can still only draw one continuous line, which means if you mess up or you simply want to lift your pen for any reason, you will still have the issue of creating a "non-continuous smooth flowing" line.  

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