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Female Body Sculpt

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Hi Everyone,


Been poly modelling basic characters for a while now, but decided to jump in this weekend and try my hand at sculpting instead. 


Googled a bunch of how to draw characters tutes, relearned how to use 3D-Coat and the curve tool (it's been a while) and came up with this:




So still needs the hands and feet of course, but I don't think these will be too hard.  Not sure I can say the same for learning how to do the face :)

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Fair play, even if you just use 3D Coat for its uv and paint room and enjoy it.


3d-Coats UV unwrapping and Retopology tools are what really impressed me the first time I used it after using programs such as Z-Brush and most recent Mudbox.


Then I found the Paint room and that blew me away again and after that I found the Voxel and surface tools pretty damn versatile and on par with Mudbox. 

the only thing I miss from mudbox is you could create details on layers within 1 mesh.  (But saying that it was so glitchy sometimes they would disappear or just fuckup).


Its nice that people are recognizing the uv and paint room on its own merits aside from the sculpting.


I actually enjoy uv unwrapping now, I never thought I would ever say that. lol

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Hey everyone,


Got all organised again, did some skull drawing tutes, listened to some more Ryan Kingslien videos and did some face sculpting:







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Hey Everyone,


Done added a basic hair mesh to test how the face looks not bald...






Pretty happy with the way the head is working out, think that waist is starting to look a bit too skinny now though...

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