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WIP Modular pimp my gun kit pieces


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Hey esteemed creators,


Ive just started on some new pieces so have some screen grabies and also had a question/observations. 

My brief is to create a collection of gun pieces that can then be combined to create many guns.



I learnt 2 new things whilst browsing video tutorials that im definitely gonna repeat in my tutorials.


1. Reshaping mesh in surfaces mode with the MOVE tool and then hitting Enter rebuilds the mesh and polycount to adjust. which is good.


But. Cutting a hard edge in surface mode never stays sharp as you are still required to hit enter and thus you loose it or you have to resample up and guess as best as you can. 

biggest issue : When using Live Clay to make some high details, after hitting Enter they're lost and approximated.


You cannot merge surface meshes together in Surface Mode unless you hit enter before hand to recompute the mesh.



2. In Voxel mode you can use the proxy visualization to down res a model and perform a smooth at a lower level before returning to its actual resolution to make smoothing easier.


3. Theres one last one, I love the clean mesh tool - effecting the detail amount dial and using reduce but mainly average is really helpful.










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Taken me abit more time that i initially thought but I really polished it. Theres still a couple of things I want to go back and tweak.

Voxel surface modelling  in 3D-COAT

UV unwrapping                in 3D-COAT

Normal map Painting       in 3D-COAT

Texturing in Substance Designer

Render in marmoset toolbag 2























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Hey Carlosan can you repeat the question.


Smartened it up in Marmoset and refined the render for my portfolio




Voxel/surface model, retopo, uv and normal map creation in 3D-Coat

Texture substance in Substance Designer and render in Marmoset Toolbag. 







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Hi Lord_Quas,


Looks really good, love modular stuff :)


The only thing I couldn't help notice was that some of the later shots above (post #5) were starting to get a balloonish inflated look because of the specular highlight.  Post #7 looks mostly better but the foldaway shoulder bracket still doesn't look flat.

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