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Messiah Studio 6Pro and Cockos Reaper for Sale!


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Hello everyone,

Iam selling my Messiah Studio 6 Pro License inclusive my Setuptab Account!
This means the one that buys from me the MS 6Pro License also gets all the Tuts i have bought at Setuptab.I want to have 190,- US Dollar via paypal.

Messiah Studio works pretty good togehter with 3D Coat!!!

Iam also selling one of my Audio Tools called Reaper.Great Digital Workstation and as good as Cubase but much cheaper and from my experience more stable.I want to have 160,- US Dollar for the full commercial License.
you can check the demo out first http://www.reaper.fm/

have all a great week

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Someone asked me a few days ago about a proof of Purchase in another Forum.If someone is interested i will give you my E-Mail and of course my real name so you can ask the Support of Messiah Studio or Reaper and they will surely confirm me as a registeres user!!


I also drop the Price of Messiah Studio 6Pro to 170,- and Reaper to 150,-,i can't go lower than that.

Great weekend to all! :)

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