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[SOLVED] Sharpen edges OR Create sharp corner edges tool


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I just want to first say Hi to all on this forum. I also want to express my thanks to Pilgway for making such an intuitive application as 3D Coat - I have never come across such an easy to use and sensible 3D modelling app as this. I have been using it for a couple of months and it has transformed my attitude to modelling in 3D. I wouldn't recommend anything else!


That said, I would like to suggest a feature that I can't seem to achieve with the crease or pinch tool.

I often get to a place in modelling where my edges get too rounded, and I would like to sharpen the edges



I would like to sharpen up these edges to a more 90 degree angle



Please forgive me [ a newbie ] if there IS ALREADY a tool that does this and I have just not discovered it - but I have often been in a position where I would like to do just this.
Any thoughts??

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