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Unreal Engine 4.26 Available

The Hair and Fur system is now production-ready in 4.26, providing users with the ability to edit, simulate, and render true strand-based hair, fur, and feathers. There's a new Asset Groom Editor for setting up properties, and compatibility with features such as DOF and Fog. Please note that LOD generation is built-in, and you can generate cards and meshes for lower-end hardware in-engine as an experimental feature.


What is more, the latest version gives the ability to create animations in Sequencer by blending animation clips such as motion-captured data. There's the ability to preview skeleton animations to easily see how one skeleton blends into the next, plus match joint placement for a smooth transition between clips.


The latest version also brings a new Volumetric Cloud component that can be used with Sky Atmosphere, Sky Light, and up to two directional lights for both realistic and stylized skies. The team noted that the atmosphere can receive volumetric shadows from meshes and clouds, and lighting and shadowing updates in real-time to reflect time-of-day changes. 


Another big thing is a new Water system for the creation of oceans, lakes, rivers, and islands using splines. You can tweak and visualize the depth, width, and velocity of rivers along their lengths, and the wavelength, amplitude, direction, and steepness of waves on oceans and lakes. The new system comes with a new Water Mesh Actor featuring a quad tree grid to render detailed surfaces up close, smoothly transitioning to simplified ones at distance.


There's more, of course. You can find more details on the latest update here

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