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Retopo workflows. No bridge?

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I feel the knitting of polygons while doing Retopo in 3D-coat could be more streamlined, rely on less tools and more on context and modifier keys.

I've noticed that there's no Bridge, and Bevel for vertices. No workarounds? :/

This is where probably having a traditional modeling app with a Retopo setup probably helps a lot, since you have access to all the modeling tools. while constraining the mesh to the reference.


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We have been asking Andrew for a bridge type of tool to join polygon strips for a while now, hopefully one day we will get it.

There is no bevel for vertices but for edges yes...

Select edges top menu and the context menu will change on the lower part of the left toolbar. Bevel will be there.


Andrew at one time say he would like to add more modeling tools in the retopo but for right now, I believe that is on the far back burner as the Paint room undates are on the front burners...

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On 6/4/2013 at 5:32 PM, AbnRanger said:

I put up a number of feature request on Mantis a few months ago, that I'd like to ask for your support on...if you feel they would help speed up/enhance your workflow in the Retopo Room, as well. If you haven't already signed up to Mantis (for Bug Reporting/Feature Requests), please do so....regardless. It's the best way to keep a systematic record/log of them and Andrew uses them to prioritize. If you just place the bug report/feature request on the forums, the percentage of probability they will get addressed is much, much lower (obviously harder to remember and keep track of) than placing them on Mantis.

At any rate, please add a note with your "+1" and check the desired level of support for the feature at the bottom of the page. When Andrew sees there are a lot of users onboard with a request, he places a higher priority on it. Thanks everyone.

Bridge Selected Edges:


Shell Modifier/Tool


Hotkey Edge Loop/Ring Selection & Dot Loop/Ring


Soft/Gradient Selection


Hold SHIFT to extrude edges on the fly, while using TRANSFORM TOOL


On this last one, the EXTRUDE tool is not usable in most cases cause it goes haywire in areas where the the scale of the object is smaller than the one selected. Plus the SHIFT+Drag would also work simultaneously scaling or rotating. Very handy for building geometry around a corner (of a pipe or tube, for example), or closing a cavity with quad geometry (something CAPS tool doesn't do).

Any +1 is very welcome :)

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An email to Andrew (support@3dcoat.com) might work best. If you could do a short screen-recording of how it works in Maya, and link that in the email, your chances of getting it added go up, significantly.

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