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New User looking for critiques and opinions

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Hey I'm new to 3D coat and i'm looking for critiques to help me improve :)

I sculpted these three models from character model sheets found on the net to help improve my abilities.


the robot spy was referenced from miycko@yahoo.com

The two anime models are refferenced from Charochai.com




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It would have been easier for you to post the references, so critiques would serve you best. Had you post saying "critique me" while also having no references, plus lacking a description of what you're trying to accomplish, that would have just been a different version of not offering up enough detail of your own expectation. Basically, I'm saying let us know more. For all we know these images represent exactly what you're looking for, in that case, great job. But it's hard to tell cuz this type of art is more stylized, and makes it difficult to understand how to critique.


If you want a critique on the use of the software, it seems like you're doing a great job of using it.  

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Still no details, but I'll offer up some critique as if I were expecting 1 to 1.


You're off to a great start. But you did not stick to the concept completely. Knees are a good example. The anatomy is continuous instead of the sort of "ball and socket" joint the concept was looking to convey. Head is a bit egg shaped, so it loses any relationship with the human eye that's trying to focus on an identity. Proportions and placement is a bit off.


You got good stuff. 

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Sorry :/ i'm new to forums and yeah, please Critique me. Here are the references :)


I'm a long time blender User only recently moving into more professional software and am trying to achieve professional looking results. 

I am pulling reference models from different sources as practice and would very much appreciate critiques on the quality of the model 

next to the reference :)




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