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On 4/12/2014 at 6:48 AM, AbnRanger said:

I tried to upload some brush-packs to the DOWNLOAD > RESOURCE section of the mainpage, but it has not been a successful venture. Wasted a lot of time trying to do so....so I guess I'll just try to share them here.


1) 3DC Brushes

Random collection of brush alpha's containing cracks, wrinkles, reptile scales, etc.




2) Cracks & Wrinkles



3) Reptile Skin/Scales




I always envied the brushes that could be seen during your tutorials. Incredible that those are available! Thanks a lot!

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I am using these brushes now. One thing I noticed is that depending on what category you have selected for your eraser or your brush, let's say e.g. "Cracks-Wrinkles", it takes around 1-3 seconds until you can switch between eraser and brush. This feels a bit interrupting during work.

Once I uninstalled the packages or use others with less content, switching between brush and eraser is at the speed of light again.

Could it be that having such a huge amount of brushes slows down your switching between brush and eraser? Maybe it is indexing the current category the tool was in and if there are a lot of files, it takes some time?

@AbnRanger You are using these brushes for almost a decade now, is this normal? Have you ever experienced a lag when switching between brush and eraser with these brushes installed? 

I already uninstalled the largest pack "3DC_Brushes" again, cause then the switching gets faster. But it is only without these brush pack installed that switching is super responsive again.

And if this is normal, me thinks there might be a way from the dev side to bypass this somehow? I mean, having a large collection of brushes should not slow down switching tools.

I also ask myself if this is something on my side. My comp is a bit old now:

i7-4790 quad core 3,6ghz

16 Gig Ram

gtx 1050


I have an SSD which usually delivers me stuff quite quickly. Is there maybe a setting or anything that could be the reason? Just curious if it is something on my side or if this is simply to be expected. In the latter case, I would make a post in Development/Improvement suggestions.


Maybe the RAM could be the culprit here? As I occasionally get crashes due to out of memory errors during work. How much memory do you use with these brushes/have used in the past?

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