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UV set import bug

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I've encountered a bug with the Obj. import while importing a model that has been UV-mapped in 3D-Coat and exported for modification as .obj and then re-exported from 3d-software with slight tweaks to verticles or adding/removing faces. (With certain models this seems to happen just due export->import->re-export (without editting)->import back to 3D coat sequence)


When imported back to 3D-coat some (and sometimes) small UV islands are distorted into single lines as shown in the attached image.


This can be fixed by hand, by selecting the islands and applying one of the mapping tools (prefer planar in this case) and then manually correcting the rotation.


Problem could be my software and the re-export, but the model does have proper UV if viewed through other means, so my guess is something happens in the re-import to 3D-Coat.


So far this has been a mere annoyance, but might prove really bothersome if I need to make changes after the model is fully textured as the Islands never align perfectly back to their position if manually fixed.





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