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CTRLPAINT.COM - great page for learning 2D-painting

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Hello dear 3DCoaters, in the last days I was made more in 2D, and now I found this nice page and I thinks it's good to share it here. It's www.ctrlpaint.com. I think its also good with 3D, because most of us uses also 2D/painted concepts or backgrounds or other compostings and so on. I think it's a great page for learning in 2D painting.  There are 200 small tutorials not only good for beginners.




Learn to digital paint, today! Concise, free, video tutorials on the basics of digital painting for concept art and design.



I wish you nice eastern


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Thank you for sharing this! I've needed some basic art foundations! I'm sure these will help

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Having troubles with Ctrl+Paint tutorials with other art programs like Krita. Additionally to Matt's Kohr's lessons, I struggled to learn the basics of everything: dedicating 3hours a weekday.

https://docs.krita.org/en/user-manual/introduction-from-other-software/introduction-do my essay-guide.html



I remember I started with it in 2011 (!) It seems so easy now, but anyway, you always learn something new with each project (I completed a bunch of those with the group of Rochester Institute of Technology experts; they invited freelancers and amateurs back then). Has anyone tried Ctrl+Paint with Krita, btw? Any projects to share? I also tried DrawABox a couple of months ago, but it seemed very much "programmer" oriented.

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