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Budget 3d Coat Laptop?


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Hi, I am a hobbyist, with a little more than a year with Blender and about a month with 3d Coat. I am looking for a laptop to get me away from my desktop as much as possible. I can still go back to the office for heavy work, such as rendering or super high polygon sculpts. 


My question is, how much can be done with 3d Coat on a $1000 laptop? I had my eye on a MSI GE70 2OE-017US. ( Intel i7 4700MQ, 12Gb Ram, Geforce GTX 765m, and 7200rpm hard-drive). I appreciate any realistic, down to Earth advice. I know that I will not be producing the next Pixar animated feature film with a budget machine, but I am wondering about how far I could expect to get with such a machine before taking the work to the desktop.


I plan to use 3d coat for sculpting, retopology, UV unwrapping, and painting, then probably take the results back into Cycles for test renders(to the desktop for heavy renders), material editing, and compositing. I am learning, and mostly creating simple machines, animals, household objects, etc. I am sure that will change and grow over time. 


Do you know of any better laptops in that cost around 1k? Thanks ahead of time for any help with this. 


I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, or if I didn't provide enough info. This is my first post.



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You should have absolutely no problem with the MSI GE70. I'm using the MSI GE60, and 3DC screams on it, quite literally. I have actually been using the GE60 as a replacement for my workstation during the interim, and it's performing quite well. I was looking at the GE70, and personally, I would have gone with it, but it was a little more expensive at the time.


For the current price, capability and portability, I'd say it should do you pretty well. :)

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damn $1000? I need to take a trip to the states and snag me one of those, here they are like $1500.. from some dodgy online store...


btw anyone have experience with 3dcoat on something like a surface2 pro? with intel graphics?


i really want to get a tablet to use 3d coat with.

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I bought a Lenovo Y580 HD version to use as my portable 3D machine.

It has a GTX 660 and an i7 processor and works really well with 3D Coat. It also boots up amazingly fast.


It also handles games well and I get good performance from Unreal Engine 4 with it too.

The only downside is the battery life. I have to keep it connected to the mains at all times.

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