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Best Tileable Sculpting Workflow?


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Hi folks, 


I was wandering if anyone could explain the best practise approach for tileable voxel sculpting in 3D Coat?


I have downloaded a file that Andrew released "TiledVoxels" however I find that pretty difficult to line up the edges of the centre quad, I also tried the Surface Menu Preset Tile/s. Is there a way to carry the stroke over the mesh border like in Z-Brush?


Many thanks for any ideas.


All the best




I've been looking through these so far







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I've been trying out some workflows, have had some progress, but it's not complete yet. Would be easier if 3DC had a "Render To Texture" feature that's similar to what seems like every other 3D App on the market.

Can you share the link to this file you mentioned? I would like to study it.

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