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Importing high poly mesh with Vertex Colour into C4D?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to import a high poly voxel mesh WITH vertex paint into Cinema4D?

I have tried without success so far.  Is it possible ? Are there any Cinema users out there that have done this successfully?  Vertex colour info on a model in C4d?


I'm drawing a blank when I search on google as to how to do this?


Help!  ....please.... :wacko:         :)    thanks :)

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Here is another, very similar to that. The goal they are going for is somewhat different, but they are using a Vertex Color map. So, whatever shader or material you use, in the COLOR channel, you link a Vertex Map to it, rather than an IMAGE MAP



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I have just read this and I'm glad to tell you that yes, it is possible. I created a set of plugins to load, save and create vertex painting (also known as PolyPainting) in Cinema4D. You are able to load .OBJ files that include RGB information attached to their vertexes (as exported from zBrush, 3DCoat or meshlab) or load .FBX files (saved in ASCII/Text in version 6.0 or 7.2) that include RGB information. You can also save .OBJ or .FBX files with vertex painting information. And you can edit or create from scratch any vertex painting in Cinema 4D. Check out the promo video here:




And a few examples of the features as I was creating them:




(there are a few more videos in my Vimeo channel so just look around)


Please tell me what you think.

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