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Help with UVs, Mirroring, and Packing

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Is there a way to pack mirrored UVs with rotation and scaling but without un-mirroring the UVs and making them unique? I know you can make correctly mirrored UVs with Copy and Paste UVs, but it looks like there's no way to pack them without rotation that makes all the UVs unique, and I'd love to be proven wrong.


It would also work out OK if there were a way to pack just selected UVs, because then I could just move one mirrored half off of the UV space, pack the UVs that are still on the 0..1 UV space, then copy and paste the other islands back.

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Left toolbar / Commands / Pack UV

Pack UV will rotate and scale the uv islands keeping the mirror uv islands.


Check out the other two as well to see their functions.



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Thank you. It does seem to rotate it in some cases... is that particular algorithm allowed to rotate an island in non-90-degree increments for even greater UV optimization?

No... It is a good algorithm but of course will not cover all cases.


It appears that you need to do your own manual packing.  I manually re-pack the uv islands a lot for the game models I currently working on.

How to...

1. 3DC unwraps the first time.

2. Use the 3DC tools to move and rotate the uv islands manually plus any scaling that is necessary.


Select the mirrored uv islands by using one of the spline tools from the e-panel. Then you can move or rotate them together plus scale.

You have Rotate CW and Rotate CCW tools for 45 degree movements.

Also available is the uv island gizmo for movement and rotations plus scaling.

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