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Tranquilizer Gun

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A simple Tranquilizer Gun for first hard surface in 3D Coat. Basically almost done. Still needs a couple small parts. One more night it will be ready for retopo. I have to go over every part and check that it's centered along the axis. I had a real issue with this and cost loads of time.

......................Actually I just found using symmetry at the line to ensure it is at it's Global space I guess. Hard surface a little different.....just a little! not much....






From my custom concept here.


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Very Close to be finished. Still needs fine edits and a rear sight. Leaving all bumps to the normal for low poly.I don't know but some guns a extension off the lever come off where the clip is. I think some clips are right beside it? I'm probably going to change where the red line is to a continuous smooth piece. Now how do I do this low poly!! :( Maybe a project in a week or two.....!




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Changed that piece really quick from the above and looks better(Obviously needs fixing around that area still after the change).....So next time I post it will be a finished high poly version.










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