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[SCRIPT] Switch rooms using hotkeys


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DESCRIPTION: This is a bunch of very simple scripts (I'm not sure if I can even call them so as they're merely six-liners) that will allow you to use keyboard shortcuts to switch between all 3D Coat rooms.


INSTALLATION: Unpack all files to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat.


USAGE:You'll find six new items in the Scripts menu: Go to paint room, Go to tweak room, etc. Just assign them some hotkeys with the <END> key and you're set.


NOTE: If you happen to experience strange behaviour when switching rooms with hotkeys, like 3D Coat returning to room you just switched from, then edit each txt file and increase render steps (found in line 11 in each file) to something higher, like 20 or 100. I set the default to 10 as this was sufficient on my setup.



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