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Autopo 4.1.08, 1/10th Required Polycount

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Hi all,


This post is about a problem similar to the "Slow" AutoPo from a few days ago...




AutoPo seems slow to me, (but I may not be calibrated well)


AutoPo is ignoring guides... and the new topology seems almost random (awful)


AutoPo is ignoring density painting


I have a required count of 15,000, but I am getting less than 1,500!!!




Required polycount: 15,000

Z-Symmerty on

Hardsurface retopology on, crease angle: 30.000

Quad Quality, Best/Slowest

Auto-density influence:  1.0

Decimate if Above is: On

Decimate model till (x1000):  40.000

Smoothing result: On


Guides are not intersecting.  Guides are few.



I am reading that 4.0 may have been better for AutoPo... I'd like to try that and see, but I'm not sure how to get it.



As I'm new to this, I may be making some total noob mistake... but still, it doesn't seem too hard.


I have been delivered results that are usually a bright green retopo, but once was a blue retopo... which I thought odd.


Thanks ever so much for your kind help,





Update: Setting Voxelize Before to ON improved things quite a bit, but there are holes, and the density painting seems to have no effect.  Guides SEEM to be getting followed, although it may be only that it is logical that they do.

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