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[SOLVED] Too many layers in Paint after AUTOPO

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Hi All,


Following (I hope) the "from scratch" tutorial with the Rat...


Following the AUTOPO and heading into the Paint room... I see that I have too many layers or perhaps mesh objects... they are interfering with each other.


Whilst leaving the Retopo room, I first did a Merge with NM (per pixel).  When I got to the paint room, I was presented with what you see attached:





It appears that the density regions are still visible and are on a separate mesh... and when I attempt to paint, only the object with the density mapping receives paint.  The other mesh does not receive paint. 


I believe that this object that was created in the Voxels room... but I can't seem to delete it from the vox tree (it ignores delete requests silently).  It is now listed as a surface.


What are these two objects?  I assume one is the original voxel edit... and the second is a surface from AUTOPO... but... why do I have both still... and unable to delete the voxel object?  Why is it interfering with the paint room?


Thanks so much for your kind help,




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Show voxels in paint room = OFF



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