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PIXAR's RENDERMAN Free Non-Commercial Use

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1 hour ago, Carlosan said:

Renderman 21 Non-Commercial is finally available for download.



RenderMan for Blender

This community developed plug-in integrates
RenderMan tightly with Blender, offering a
free VFX pipeline for non-commercial use. 






RenderMan for Blender

RenderMan for Blender (RfB) provides a fully integrated bridge between RenderMan and Blender, the free and open source 3D creation suite. Developed by Pixar in collaboration with the Blender community, RenderMan for Blender supports advanced features of RenderMan, such as the RIS framework, denoising technology, geometric area lights, fast interactive rendering, and a sophisticated shader suite. 

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RenderMan  21.5
* “Path Traced Subsurface Scattering,” advanced technique for skin and  New artistic controls provide a wide range for new effects in hair and fur.
* Rendering performance gains on scenes with thousands of light sources, or complex combinations of mesh lights, hair and fur, volumetrics, and arbitrary outputs.
* Updated Denoiser enables new compositing workflows and is substantially faster due to advanced code optimizations. |
* UI simplification and workflow improvements for secondary passes, holdouts, material presets, and deep compositing.

RenderMan 22 (Preview),
* “Always-on” rendering embedded in artist applications, responding instantly to geometry, camera, light and material edits delivers   interactive frame rates with the same renderer used for batch renders.
* Fast vectorized OSL shader network evaluation on Intel scalable-SIMD CPUs were also shown.
* RenderMan XPU renders on both CPUs and GPUs concurrently, taking full advantage of workstation resources

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Did you miss the big event? Then come check out the full recap! 

At SIGGRAPH we revealed a number of new technologies including a sneak peek of our hybrid CPU and GPU renderer called RenderMan XPU.

Highlights include talks about Cars 3Rogue One, RenderMan 21.5, and a look forward to RenderMan 22 and beyond. Thanks for everyone who made the event a success!

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We have a number of exciting developments to share, including the availability of Commercial Beta for RenderMan 22, a release featuring powerful interactive workflows. We also have new stories, a behind-the-scenes look at MPC, and upcoming events planned for Montreal and Annecy. This year is going to be big for RenderMan, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store!


Commercial Beta is Here!

We're excited to announce the launch of Commercial Beta for RenderMan 22. We invite all customers on active maintenance to join our Beta Program!

Contact Us


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