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[SCRIPT] ajz_visibilityGroups

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DESCRIPTION: The script will store/restore visibility and ghosting states of all volumes in the VoxTree.


INSTALLATION: UnTAR everything to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat.


USAGE: You will find the script here: View->Load/Save VoxTree visibility states. The main UI works similarly to ajz_transferRenderSettings. You can store or load visibility/ghosting states temporarily to/from memory or save/load it to/from a file. It's handy when dealing with complex VoxTrees.


LIMITATIONS: Because of how traversing (probably not the best way to describe the thing) through VoxTree works in 3DC scripting, it will expand all tree branches on the VoxTree.

If you store VoxTree state, delete or rename some volumes and load the state after such action, it will restore visibility/ghosting states to layers that it recognises by name. Others will be left as they are. All mismatching layers are reported in the log or will be displayed in a GUI dialog window if AJZ_VGRPS_SHOW_MISSING_VOLUMES_DIALOG constant is set to true.


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this is great !


big time saver... BIG



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Looks like recent changes that were introduced to scripting model, although very good, broke the script. I'll repair it as soon as I have some free time.

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