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Paint room: paint over UV island

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I'm hurry, so sorry if I'm bothering you with these newbie questions.


I'm using 3DCoat to paint textures on low poly mesh as you can see from the picture.

I started my painting with Blender, then I had some projection problem so I switched to 3DCoat.


What I want to know is:

a. why cannot I paint over the UV Island in the Texture Editor? Because I find very useful to work the area around the island in order to prevent bleeding effect, or simply I put some colors in no important part of images in order to have a palette (ok, I know I can create a layer in 3DCoat for that, but I'd like to have that colors in image too)

b. Blender has an option to do edge padding during paiting: has 3DCoat something similar?

c. after importing the obj mesh and the initial texture, I noticed there was a bleeding between all islands: does 3DCoat automatically create edge padding while importing? In fact I'm correcting with less success the bleeding of blue pants over shoes and the brown color of shoes over blue pants. And that brought me to point a.

d. I just noticed 3DCoat make an edge padding in automatic between islands: how can I disable it?


Thank you very much for any suggestion.



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3DCoat deletes/culls all paint outside the UV shell borders automatically, and it can't be turned off. Unfortunately this is a long standing issue with the paint room, one that I REALLY hope Andrew will fix during the current round of updates.


Here's the mantis report for it: http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=705

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thank you very much for clarification!

I cannot understand why they didn't solve this, the submission data of the bug is 9th October 2012!!!

I mean, is it only me having this problem? I choose 3DCoat because it's very powerful for painting, even if Blender is getting new tools for that, 3DCoat is lightyears ahead, but I cannot understand why the typical situation I face with lowpoly game assets, i.e. edge padding/bleeding, cannot be resolved in 3DCoat and I have to use another program to do that, meaning more wasting time!

How can I make my customer voice heard?

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Andrew (administrator)
2014-06-19 07:12


Have I understood correctly?

You need severaloptions for padding. Current padding takes pixels from opposite island to make seams less visible. But in some cases you need to take pixels only from this island. I may do this in preerences as general option, it can't be "per island" settings.

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Hi Carlosan,

well, yes and no.

I'd like an option to turn off the edge padding as 3DCoat actually does and having something more similar to Blender, if it's possible ! :)

Maybe this feature of 3DCoat is useful for someone, but I'd like not having color spills when I think is not good looking.


When I paint in Blender, the solution it makes for edge padding is using the colors I paint near the islands borders, it doesn't work as 3DCoat does, ie taking pixels from opposite borders or from opposite islands borders. Is it clear?

If I paint brown on my shoes, Blender extend the brown over unwrapped shoes borders for a number of pixels I can set, but it doesn't paint brown over the pants or any other geometry that is connected to the shoes. I thank Andrew for this feature, but the purpose of 3d painting is also fixing the seams just painting over it, having the program fixing for me it's useful, but not for all cases, like mine, for example.


I saw 3DCoat create edge padding when exporting, I have to test it better, but it should have the same options as "realtime edge padding": edge padding considering other islands/same islands (as 3DCoat greatly does now), edge padding of painted color (as Blender does, or, if you get it, it would expand the islands borders as they were oil stains), no edge padding at all.


Anyway, because no one answered me, I'm asking it again: is it possible to paint in Texture Editor outside/between islands? Because it seems to me I can paint only where islands are, instead in Blender it's possible and I corrected some wrong edge padding :)

Tell me what you think


P.S. I could make a video if you like

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P.S. I could make a video if you like

This would be most helpful if you want changes.

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