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Adam Gibson

3D Coat Version 4 Tutorial Bundle Pack I- Over 28 Hours of Training!!

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Hey Guys,


Just wanted let people that I released a new Get-Started Trainng Series for 3D Coat Version 4 for beginners or people who are new to 3D Coat.




This collection of 12 Volumes of Tutorials contains over 28 hours of 3D Coat Version 4 Training. An ultimate get-started guide for new users of this amazing software package.

This 3D Coat bundle contains the following titles:

1) 3D Coat 4- Volume #1-Getting Started

2) 3D Coat 4- Volume #2-Getting Started II

3) 3D Coat V4-Volume #3-UV Mapping I

4) 3D Coat 4- Volume #4- UV Mapping II

5) 3D Coat 4- Volume #5-Retopology I

6) 3D Coat 4- Volume #6-Retopology II

7) 3D Coat Version 4- Volume #7-Voxels I

8 ) 3D Coat 4- Volume #8- Voxels II

9) 3D Coat 4- Volume #9-Voxels III

10) 3D Coat 4- Volume #10-Voxels IV

11) 3D Coat 4- Volume #11-Voxels V

12) 3D Coat 4- Volume #12-Voxels VI



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