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Retopo poly's and Mesh updating?

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I'm wondering about while painting, if I decide to change my retoped mesh.

Say just deleting some loops. This could possible change or wreck some island seams.

Or should I be able to finish painting export the uv and everythings ok.....maybe not!


There must be a way to update the mesh in the uv and paint room???


*Also I just seen a software that when making changes to the high poly the low poly retopo cage will follow and change also.

May post in new features requests this would be a great feature.....

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It's always best to make sure that your mesh that gets merged from the Retopo room, is pretty much finalized. It's like body work on a car, you don't want to be banging or sanding on the body once you start painting. But, you can do some slight modifications either in the Retopo room or in an external app. > send them back to the Paint room and choose to REPLACE mesh. I think that option is only available for Per Pixel Painting. I tried it for Microvertex once and that REPLACE MESH option isn't there.


The problem in 3D Coat is Andrew designed the app to follow a certain workflow progression, and he didn't really make provisions to stop 90% of the way done and go back upstream to fix/redo certain things. That's why we kind of have to go through workarounds. What I mean by that is....there is no feature to send a mesh in the paint room directly to the Retopo room to "fix" or modify the mesh. To do that, you have to send/export the mesh outside of the app > import it into the Retopo room > make changes > Export back out again > Import into the Paint room > Replace Mesh.


I had a good talk with Andrew about this several months ago...telling him it was like having to go from your living room, outside and into a back door.....just to go to your kitchen. It makes no sense. Likewise, when someone is working in the Paint room and realizes that the image based sculpting tools + tweak room just don't give them the sculpting capability they want...there is no direct method WITHIN 3D Coat to do that. Once again, the artist has to send assets OUTSIDE 3D Coat and enter a back door...just to cook in the kitchen. :D

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