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[SOLVED] UV'S and Symmetry

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The uv tools are easy enough. I've seen many character uv's and basically know the idea behind it, to do my first unwrapping for an animation character anyways.


I ran into a problem where when marking the seams on my characters head area.

I used the autopo because of a pain area! Worked great.

For some reason though when placing my seams in certain spots and unwrapping, my mesh part would be off of unwrapping symmetrically. All other islands were ok.

I noticed some spirally loops(not spirally seams) in a couple areas on that part of the mesh. Could this cause the pull of out of symmetry islands? I also have few triangles in this part of the mesh I wasn't worried about, but may try and rmove them. All quads next time!!

Basically I found a sweet spot for this mesh part with the seams and it was close anyways and no overlaps except one spirally loop area around a tooth joined to the mesh(.. So I may stick with it or edit those spiral loops and see the result.....tomorrow.

Just curious what it could be so I can avoid it in the future.

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Solved in a way. I take it as an improper loop cut.

Is it ok to cut off (flow/follow off) a line and not join another, Or should there always be a continuous flow between the lines.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Changed it to a continuous flow between the cuts and it's fine.

Even if a  improper loop cut, I would think it would be a symmetrical island, since the model is 100 percent symmetrical.

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