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Vulture droid made for Star Wars - Redemption, more stuff here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Bm54Ak

Textures done 100% with 3DCoat, rig/skin/anim done with Akeytsu, probably the two software I love the most  




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A few revisions on the main character from StarWars-Redemption, still textured using 3DCoat

I was mainly focused on her face (model/textures, and rig/skin on Akeytsu)


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Hi everyone !

Here's a new asset I've textured using 3DCoat

The lowpoly is based on the SkySurfer sculpt done by the talented Sergey Katsukov (so neat and clean surface to work with =)), I only made the lowpoly version + UVs + textures + rig/skin. This model helped Akeytsu dev team to develop & test their blendshape system. Special thanks to Aurélien Charrier, Charles Sultan, Serger Katsukov, Clovis Gay and Cédric Vidal-Duvernet and the whole team for all their incredible work on this ! The character is now delivered with Akeytsu =)
If you didn't heard about it, Akeytsu is an animation software which redefines how you rig, how you animate, and simplify tedious and too technical tasks to let you enjoy animation like never before. It fits perfectly with Unreal Engine, Unity, and any app which supports FBX file format.
Also, I've took some time to explain how to rig a face nicely and 100% on Akeytsu here : https://www.nukeygara.com/blog/use-case-create-a-facial-rig (free Akeytsu rig included;))

Full project here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0XbNaK






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e-LysE - special skin for Akeytsu =)

This skin is an exclusive one designed especially for the Akeytsu software. You can see a little Dragonfly on her chest now, textures has been refined and more stylized. This skin PBR maps are provided with the software so you can render your animations with a cool surfacing in Marmoset, UE4...etc. There are also a few animation samples provided - done by Thomas Chaumel and supervised by Aurélien Charrier & I
Hope you'll enjoy animating her in Akeytsu ;)
Do not hesitate to share your animations on social media using #madewithakeytsu

Textures are 100% made with 3DCoat as usual






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