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Not Understanding export workflows


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Hi, still evaluating  3DC,



I'm little confused concerning exporting to my main 3D app (modo). Need a bit more understanding.


If I create  new model  in voxel mode then goto "Autopo/autopo for Per Pixel"  process, this I understand creates a auto mesh and auto UV map for me  and I see my model in my paint, Retopo and UV room.

When I export my obj in modo  I see  the model in Quads and see the UV map.  Great!!!


In fact this is the only workflow I know of that seems to work for me


I decided to  play around with a more manual approach .

Again with a new project I create new model in voxel mode as before but this time choose "Autopo/Autopo" Process. I understand this auto creates a mesh but does not create a UV map

So I go a head and create a UV map within the Retopo room. (I do a couple of edge loops then Unwrap)


First thing first I don't see anything in my UV Room. But I assume I have as I see it in the Retopo room.

When I export now  I get a horrible triangular meshes in Modo.  The only place I don't get triangular mesh is from the Retopo room File/Export Retopo Mesh but then I don't get a UV map in modo


So I'm not understanding/missing something here



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You must "merge" (typically for 'per pixel' ) in the Retopo menu to finish the job (making an exportable object).


great, thanks 


So I'm right in thinking when I have completed my voxel model that these are the  main approaches for me for working in PerPixel:


1) Manual approach a) autopo/autopo 

                                  B) create UV within retopo room

                                 c) merge with NM (per-Pixel) from top menu


2) Auto approach      a) just selecting autopo/autopo for Per-pixel


Also not understanding the manual approach does not create anything in the UV room where as the auto approach creates the UV + model representation in the UV room

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This might help explain the workflow a bit better. I would suggest cherry picking from this "Intro to 3D Coat" playlist to get a better idea what to do and when to do it, in the process.



Here is an Auto Retopo video for Hard Surface models:


And one for more organic type models:


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Normally, you won't have UVs to carry over to the Paint Room, until you either:


1)  Let it auto-uv during merge

2)  Create your UVs, using the Mark Seams Tool in the Retopo room, and then it should prompt to Use Existing UVs during the merge

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