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Corrupt Normal maps after autopo (for per-pixel)

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I am creating a test voxel model and going through the autopo (for per-pixel) process.

Everything is great within the paint room.




But i'm struggling to find out why my normals are appearing like this inside my 3d app (modo)

All other maps Dfiffuse, spec work fine. 




Just totally confused. On occasions where I have created a tests and the NM come out  fine and other similar tests with no changed settings where they appeared corrupted in my 3d app


Any info painters would be appreciate

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Well it looks like 3DC is doing what its suppose to do.

It seems modo 801 is having issues handling image maps exported from 3DC.


It no big issue but every so often I'm having to manually specify within modo 801 the projection type/UV map of the Normal Map. Other imported image maps seem set ok?

Also  Specular maps exported from 3DC sometimes being set as specular colour in the shader tree.


In the image above the normal map imported to modo defaulted to cubic projection.


As I mentioned in previous posts within modo 801, I'm also having to adjust the gamma setting for texture maps (especially important for Normal maps) to appear correct.


Again no big deal but just good to know whats going on.


Hope this post helps other modo users trying out 3DC

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Was "Show Voxels in Paint room" unchecked (in the View menu) when you exported the normal map?

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