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Any 3DCoaters going to SIGGRAPH 2014 in Vancouver in Aug?

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Just wondering if anyone here is going and/or what you'd recommend to see attend there this year from the agenda...

Happy to catch up there if anyone is interested.

sadly I assume 3DC/Pilgway won't be there?

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I signed up yesterday...and I got my videographer to sign up too. He's bringing a pro video camera and a good microphone and it's my intention to spend the entire day interviewing everyone in sight and then posting the videos to my You Tube channel.


Gonna be really busy


From my own point of view the big stories will be;


1. Zbrush 5 release; what will it be like? A revolution?


2. Maya's Bifrost will (hopefully) release it's node based interface update.  This will be HUUUUGE.


3. Pixar will be there and hopefully we'll see PR 19 there and it's all new interface etc for FREE.





B&H will be there

Nvidia and AMD will be there (look for  Catia to have a corner of the Nvidia booth)

Maxwell Render and Real Flow at Next Limit

Octane (and OTOY and Brigade) will hopefully be there

Guaranteed Blender will have a big well staffed booth


and so on..



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