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How to isolate and paint individual parts of my rocket model?

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Hey Guys,

I've got to finish a freelance modeling/texturing project today.   I model the rocket in Maya and then bring into 3D-Coat for UV, and painting.   


It would save me a LOT of time if there was a way to isolate each of the many parts that make up my rocket.  


The rocket is not all one mesh. . it contains many sub-objects.   


I know that you can in Maya assign different materials to each component of your model. . which in 3D-coat can will result in several "objects" which can be hidden. . .however my rocket contains a hundred components so that would be way too time consuming.


I know that 3D-coat is able to understand the different components that make up the total model. . because when I use the "paint fill" option. . it will not fill beyond the limits of each object in the model.


So there must be a way to isolate those objects so that I don't have to accidentally paint on some part I don't want to.


yes I know I could freeze out those parts I don't want to paint on . . by painting them with the freeze brush.  but again. . that is way too time consuming.  Need to finish this project today so I can enjoy my weekend.





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You're talking about object elements/shells, ie you want to isolate based on geometry that's continous?

Unfortunately 3DC has no instant way of doing this, but the quickest way is probably to just to hide a poly on the element you want to work on, grow the hidden selection (Expand Hidden area), and then invert the hidden faces.

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If your object consists of multiple mesh containers/sub-objects, or if it has multiple materials, you can hide or lock those particular portions from being modified, more or less achieving the same goal. You can use the materials (surfaces) or sub-objects panel to do this.

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