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Best way to retopo multiple objects and send them to paint room?

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Hey I have been struggling with this and I have a feeling there's a faster way to go about it: I made a simple sculpt of a lightning bolt inside of a sphere.  It's meant to look like a power up, with a bubble on the outside and a nice shiny Flash-like bolt in the middle.


I am having a hell of a time making a lower poly model of it and get it painted.  I've been trying to merge the bolt and the bubble separately to the paint room, but the bubble will always erase out parts of the if it is enabled in the sub-objects palette.


What's the best way to get multiple retopos into the paint room?  Is there a certain set up I should have had in my Vox Tree?



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will your please explain step by step your workflow adding pictures ?


usually you make an empty layer -parent group-

with another 2 layers as children




- Parent

  - bolt

  - sphere


Then and retopo room make 2 retopo groups, named bolt and sphere


use Name correspondences for baking




At paint room, sub-object tab let you switch on/off the objects to isolate any1




remember not to paint over Layer0 -is used internally for bake operations



show voxels in paint room = off


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