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Hi guys!


It's been few months since I bought my license of 3D Coat on steam, and I spent these just messing around, reading articles and watching some videos. 


But now I started to do some tests myself and I'll be posting here. 

I'm currently studying at CGMA Character Arts Program (I dream to one day land a job in the field) and they don't use 3D Coat there, but I"m trying to replicate what I can in 3D Coat too (is good because I do more stuff and at the same time I adapt my workflows since I bought 3D Coat to use for my commercial work). I don't have time to do that always but I'll try my best. 

In any case I also do some personal studies in the software too. I must say that when I tested the previous version (it was the version 3.7 I guess, I don't remember exactly) it felt almost like a nightmare to sculpt in; however, this new version is AMAZING. I want to always scupt more stuff sometimes just because of the software xD


Ok, so let's get started: 


I did this head after buying Grassetti's Gumroad Videos (pure awesomeness). I didn't started the anatomy classes in the program but knowledge is never too much, so I'm doodling and studying whenever I can.





And I also did some fullbody characters (2 to be exactly). They were assignments of a current workshop of the program, however I had to use other software to do them. However, I noticed that I have huge problems in finding the leg sillhouette, so I started "investigating" this particular weakness and did these:


This first one was a "blocky" kind of leg, based on references of George Bridgman drawings.





And this one was made using several photos for reference:






I'll be posting more stuff soon (I hope). I'll be really grateful for any tips and critiques on my work, they will surely help me in my journey. 




























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Hey guys, thanks for the kind words!


Looks like this week I have some boring work to do, so I don't know if I'll be posting a lot of stuff..

But my main plan is to see how I can incorporate 3D Coat in production. I mean, start a character from scratch, retopo, UVs and texturing. 


Also I used some of 3Dcoat's boolean power today and it was incredibly helpful!! I wonder how easy it should be to model character props in the software :DD

I hope to finish this stuff soon and hopefully I'll be posting something until the end of the week.



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Sup guys!


I spent the last 2 weeks doing some freelance and collaborative work (that I can't share), and also I was testing some renderers to speed up my advertising workflow. 

But yesterday I took some time to play with 3D Coat and I want to do this character entirely in the software to see how things go. 

It's a caricaturish-stylized-semirealistic character (hope that makes sense). It's pretty blocky right now, specially the arms and hands, but I'll be publishing the process as I go:










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Hey guys, I've been away for a long while due to some personal stuff. 

But I'll be sculpting some stuff these coming months. 


I was wondering if you guys know if there's a shader like this inside 3DC or some tips on how to make one?



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This looks like the default shader of 3D-Coat. You don't need to do something to get this one. Just switch to the default shader.


Yeah, my bad, I found it like 5 minutes after posting the question here xD Thank you very much. 


I have another question now (and I hope to be a more interesting and challenging one :P).

I'm taking some anatomy classes, and the approach is to sculpt the bones/skeleton and place the muscles and shapes above it. 

For the class assignments I'm using Zbrush for the convenience (the instructor uses Zbrush too), but we entered in a break right now and I'll try to do ate least 3 more studies until February, and I want to do them in 3DCoat. 

So my question is if there is a "transparent" shader or a transparent funcionality to get something like this: 



A workaround for this will do too. Any ideas?

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Hello everybody!


First of all, thank you very much, Carlos and BeatKitano. 

I ended using both methods (dunno why exactly). Although Kitano's method work pretty well, I'm not able to sculpt while in ghost mode. 

Maybe the developers can change this in the future?  :D


Ok, so I've been sculpting some stuff these days. One of the pieces was featured here on the 3D-Coat forums! Thank you very much! :D









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If you guys want to, you can check my blog where I'm tracking down my progress. Critiques are really appreciated. 


http://udontsuckanymore.blogspot.com.br/ .


Also, do you guys have any videos/books/links/tips regarding rendering in 3D-Coat?

I'm thinking about joining the Comicon Challenge (I know I have 0% of chance of winning, but at least I'll got a portfolio piece) while testing the version 4.5, but I'm totally lost when it comes do rendering. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys, thank you very much!


I entered the challenge, I also have some sculpt to show, BUT


Classes are back and I have a lot of stuff to do, as well as some questions for you guys. 

I've been through some issues and can really use some ideas/tips to help me solve them.


So, I'm doing some kind of ecorchéish study for the anatomy classes, all in 3D Coat, as shown below:





So my workflow is basically block in the main shapes in Voxel mode and then go to surface mode to do the sculpting process. 

The problem is: I sculpted the arm separated from the body. And the hand separated from the arm. I merged the hand to the arm somehow ok (I got some issues, see below), but to merge the arm to the body is impossible. 


I tried to switch to voxel mode, but I need an incredibly high amount of resolution to avoid merging the fingers together. I was able to merge one arm + body, but when I try to merge the other arm, my computer explodes (btw it's a i7 with 32Gb of RAM). 


So... any thoughts? Maybe a workaround? Workflow tips? I really need to do the stuff in separated models since I model each part following an skeleton underneath (for example, the biceps of my arm goes all the way through until it reaches the corocoid process).


I also have some issues while smoothing the meshes. I did read some posts regarding this subject and tried the smooth brush; sometimes it works, some times it doesn't. I believe Digman has some tips to solve this?


Other than that, when I merged the hands to the arm, I got this weird mesh where the connection happened. Again, I was not able to smooth it properly:




I could even try to go with this, but I need to reinforce the tendons running through the wrist. And when I do that, I have this weird depression on the mesh, which cannot be smoothed without losing the shapes:




Finally, I tried using the Reconstruct brush, but it behaves strangely (or in fact I dunno what I'm doing :P). It separated both meshes:




That's it. 


I appreciate any help!

Also, when I learn how to smooth the mesh properly I'll do some tweaks on my challenge sculpt and post it here to know what you guys think about it. 

Thank you! :D

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A problem of internal voids may be an issue with the mesh. To save working resources while joining the parts, consider deleting half the figure and restoring it with the symmetrical copy tool. Wait until you are back in surface mode before doing so as you can set about lowering your working resolution with the Decimate tool.

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Hey Tony, thank you very much!!  :D  :D  :D  :D


It worked! 


I believe that I cropped half of the model, went to voxels, switch the arm to voxel too and merged. Then I cloned with symmetry and merged, finally switching to surface mode. 

Or at least I think it was that. I tried a few times before it worked :P


Anyways, here's what I did for my Comicon Challenge entry. It's about the fusion of 2 comic books superpeople, and I chose to mix Thor and Hulk. I mean, like what if Hulk lifted the Mjolnir and received Thor's powers. 














Still very blockish but I'll revisit it after doing my anatomy exercises. I appreciate any critiques and/or suggestions, please! :)


Also, as you guys can see, I have some problems with the smoothness of some areas, specially on the upper portion of the trapezius (you can see it better on the latest image). And there's no Smooth brush or Powerful smoothing that can solve this issue without losing a lot of the overall mass. Any tips regardind this? If it continues this way I'm trhinking about generating a proxy, clone the proxy and work on the new mesh (I did it sometimes on my portrait work). 


That's it for now! I have to do more work on the male anatomy study, do a female version and a posed version. 

So, lot of work to do. Hope to see you guys soon!



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Hi Lucas

If you go into wireframe ('W') what does the mesh look like over those areas? It might be a similar thing I was running into here



Hey Arumiat, glad that you point that out, thanks :).

I don't have the model in this computer right now, but I'll sure take a look, and also try this "clean surface" thing and see if it solves the problem.


Turns out I did some adjustments on my Clay brush, to have a softer feel (changed alphas/focus shift) and it seemed to help solving the problem (I tried on a few sketches that I'll post soon, along with the wireframe of the Hulk's trapezius).

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Cool character.

He's a little puny (about half my muscle volume) :)

Just kidding. Great work!

Hey Garagarape, thank you very much, man! xD


Well, I'm having some trouble with this guy lately. I just can't figure out how to make the legs look right. 

I'll be posting my progress soon and hopefully you and the other guys can help me in finding a solution! :D

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Try the new antibump smooth in the 'shift' smooth dropdown list.  That should do it for you.


Shame on me, gbball!

I was not using the latest build because I was working on a Linux machine (and I didn't see downloads for Linux). 


But I switched to another Windows machine and completly forgot to download the build. 

I'll do this and then test this new smoothing feature; thank you for pointing it to me :D

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If you want to sculpt on a ghosted layer, you can.  There are some Ghosted Volumes options up top on how to interact with a ghosted layer ('pick and act' is probably what you're looking for).


Great progress by the way!  Looking forward to what you'll do going forward, especially with the new smooth algorithm.  I really think it's a game changer.

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