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Tutorial- AutoRetopology Secrets- 3D Coat 4.1- Volume #14

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Hey Guys,


I just made a new tutorial on Autoretopology.







In this fourteenth video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the 3D student to 3D Coat's powerful Auto-Retopology Tools.  So why is Auto-Retopology a needed process?  The best 3D texture artists in the world know that in order to have flawless textures you need near perfect UV maps.  The problem is that with Organic Sub-D models a process called "Retopology" is usually needed to do that. But the other problem that lies within that is that "Manual Retopology" is just as time consuming as UV Mapping, if not more in some cases.  So this is where "Auto-Retopology" comes in to help speed up the process.
Table of Contents for Volume #14
Chapter 1- Intro
Chapter 2- What is Auto-Retopology?
Chapter 3- How to Access the Auto-Retopology Wizard for Polygonal and Voxel Objects (Part One)
Chapter 4- How to Access the Auto-Retopology Wizard for Polygonal and Voxel Objects (Part Two)
Chapter 5- Poly Density Masking
Chapter 6- Guide Strokes for Redirecting Poly Flow
Chapter 7- How to Export your Mesh to Other Software and Clean-Up
Chapter 8- Hard Surface Hard Edge Auto-Retopology
Chapter 9- Applying Auto-Retopology to a Parasaurolophus Dinosaur
Chapter 10- Final
Running Time:  2hrs. 10 mins.
High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) 
Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)
Level: Beginner
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