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Visual change from voxel to surface?


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I manually smoothed this model with the smooth brush because the smooth all seems to leave some rippling for whatever reason.


Anyway in the images you will see the the voxel model after the smooth brush, I then went into surface mode and didn't change ANYTHING but you can see that the model seems to have degraded? You can see the ripples in the surface mode that were not present in voxel mode? IF I was to then take the smooth brush and smooth them out there is no change or it just visually looks worse?


Can someone explain this please.





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Looks like you have some bad topology there which is hard to smooth. Turn on wireframe, zoom in close and have a look at it. The polygons might be lined up in tight rows (which is hard to work with). It would be better to get the triangles more evenly distributed across the mesh.

While in Surface Mode, try running a decimation command on the whole mesh in order to get better topology.

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Hey guys, thanks for trying to help, none of this solves the issue though... :/ I get the same result when I open the bust model and messing around with it smoothing etc. I just don't understand how everyone is not seeing the same problem I am? I HATE SURFACE MODE


Carlosan, I do not see the clean surface option? Is that suppose to be accessed through the RMB action??



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Voxel view



Voxel wireframe View 



Surface view



Surface wireframe view



Clean surface tools



Surface after cleansurface



Surface wireview after cleansurface



Surface view using another shader




try to retopo-bake the same object using voxel or surface mode to compare differences -if any-

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