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Adam Gibson

$7 Video Sale!! All 3D Coat Tutorials Only $7 Each at Learn3DSoftware.com!! Get 63% Off!!

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Hey Guys,


Were having a $7 dollar Video Sale at Learn3DSoftware.com on all our tutorials!!


-Save 63% OFF all our Software Titles!!


-Over 100 Titles to Choose From!!





3D Coat Version 4 Tutorials
3D Coat V4-Volume #1-Getting Started -$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #2-Getting Started II-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #3-UV Mapping I-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #4-UV Mapping II-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #5-Retopology I-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #6-Retopology II-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #7- Voxels I-$7
3D Coat V4-Volume #8- Voxels VI-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#9- Voxels III-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#10- Voxels IV-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#11- Voxels V-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#12- Voxels VI-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#13-Dino Detailing I-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#14-Auto-Retopology Secrets-$7
3D Coat V4-Vol.#15- Photo Painting & Masking Tools-$7
3D Coat Version 3 Tutorials
3D Coat 3.5-Auto-Retopology -$7
3D Coat 3.5-Retopology-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus-$7
3D Coat 3.5-UV Mapping-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Normal & Displacement Maps-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Painting Color-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Voxel Sculpting-Project Dragon-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting I-Project Elephant-$7
3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting II-Project Human-$7
3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#1-$7
3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#2-$7
3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter UV Mapping-Quick Method-$7
3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter Detailing-Normal Maps-$7
3D Coat- 2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Vol.#1-$7




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Hi Adam,


I went to your website and purchased by pressing the "buy" button. This took me to PayPal where I completed the transaction. Got an Invoice email from PayPal confirming the payment, but no download link. I sent you an email... How do I get my video?



Edited by RobertH

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Sorry yes. That Sale is currently over.


But we will another one soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Have a Great Holiday :)



Edited by Adam Gibson

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