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GTX 570 worth keeping it as part of new build PC?


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I am thinking it’s time to upgrade my aging PC (Q6660 2.4ghz with 8Gig Ram) and I have been reading through the forum topics on this sort of thing.

I have been seeing a lot of posts saying the 580 series of NVidia cards are still some of the best value and best performing cards there is for 3D coat. I currently have a 570gtx with 1.5Gb RAM on board.


My question is this: Is my current card worth keeping if I am planning to build a new pc based around one of the Haswell 1150 socket PCs e.g. i7 4790K.


The software I use is 3D Coat v3 (hopefully V4 soon) and Lightwave 11.6, I don’t have Octane or any of the GPU based render engines so I am wondering what benefits a newer card would give me (if any!)

All opinions welcome as having to buy a new graphics card will have a huge impact on budget etc. and any help would be appreciated.



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that card should be more than enough. if you start hitting limits ( ie, your scene lags too much) then get a 580 or 780, depending on your budget. although im not sure how much better a 580 is than a 570.

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