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Offset from Surface by Pressure


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Would be nice to have a "Brush & Strokes Option" that is called "Offset"

which defines the distance of the stroke between the surface/normal

it is drawn upon.


This would allow to draw e.g. clothes with a slight distance to the

Volume below. With the possibility to modulate it with pressure it

would become even more powerful...


Thanks in advance for considering :-)


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Could you elaborate just a little bit? Which room are you requesting?


For what it's worth this is already possible in the Retopology Room with the 'Additional Extrusion' function on the top bar. :)

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Hi! I talk about Voxel Sculpt mode to create new Volumes with a variable distance in

relation to another Volume.


Think of a Person (Volume 1) and then paint cloth (Volume 2) in it with a slight gap

with folds created by a pressure based offset. Hope this makes more sense now ;)

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