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On 14 czerwiec 2016 at 9:10 PM, philnolan3d said:

Of course you can always adjust it manually. It would only take a few seconds to correct this.

I think you will agree with me, Phil, that every extra (normally unnecessary) step you need to perform during each iteration of asset creation has a negative impact on the whole pipeline. A few seconds here, then another few seconds, and another... When you need to do multiple iterations, it stacks up into minutes and hours and is prone to user error. Heh, it's comparable to painting out normal map errors in Photoshop after each bake, a relict from old times.

GU algorithm is great, but there are some situations where it fails. In the particular case of those two islands, it would be better if maybe 3DC offered some choice for the "areas of doubt" whether they should be unwrapped fully with GU, best-plane-projection, or averaged between those algorithms. Or maybe some minor tweak to the code would be enough to fix that.

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6 minutes ago, philnolan3d said:

Oh sure, I just meant for now.

Yeah, I know my friend. :) I'm just trying to indirectly indicate Andrew and The Team that this issue might be worth some investigation. I can provide the geometry from the screenshots.

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