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[Solved] Retopology and Layers

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Hi everyone,

Very newb question- I have been retopologizing a character with different parts, head, body, hands, hat etc and I don't understand the reopo group layers. I read the information in the pdf but it didn't answer my question.


How do I get a piece of new topology created hidden, so I can retopo  a part that is underneath?


Thank you in advance :)


Martian Girl


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To hide a Retopology mesh, open the Retopo Objects panel from Windows>Retopo Objects and use the eyeball icon next to the object you wish to hide.


If you are retopologizing a Paint or Sculpt Object, you'll need to use the Paint or Sculpt Objects panels to hide from there, but if you're having a part of one of those objects keeping areas you want to work on out of your reach, you can use the hide tools from their respective toolsets as well (Paint Room has the Hide Poly Tool, looks like an eyeball, the Sculpt Room has Cell Hide).


FWIW, there is also a new manual with very up to date info and terminology, here:




Hope that helps. :)

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My pleasure. :)

There will be a link to the online manual from within 3DC very soon.

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