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Is there a brush, or a quick way, to just drip material/polygons onto an object so it looks like natural rain or blood dripping on/off the object?

Only looking at creating a still image at this point, but turning it into an animation would be awesome! I'm trying to create a logo for my gaming clan that's a dog tag with blood dripping all over it. I'm not a very good artist so trying to build it manually doesn't look natural.


Thanks in advance for any help.  Hope you all have an awesome new year!!!

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First need more information.

Are working in the paint room, voxel or surface mode.

You can create a stencil, or brush alpha to get what you need. Of course you can create several not just one and use them in combination to get the look you desire.

There are free blood dripping type of images to be found on the net that can can be used as a stencil or brush alpha...

Picture not shown for quality but just the use of an image for a brush alpha.


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You can use one of the new PBR functions and change the color from their default to red.  However, animating this could be more problematic that way, unless you plan on taking it into another app, where you can animate the alpha of that texture from top to bottom in a smooth way.

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