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Hello, i was wondering could someone help me i have been paining my maya model in 3d coat and its just that the colors i apply look so fake or just weird. i know the model is not fully colored i stopped due to the weirdness/oddness of the colors and came to here for help. So basically im asking how to make the color look vaguly better and not fake or like they were applied by a bucket. 


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Check out these PDF tutorials... 3DCoat is a layer based painting application, the power of digital painting lies in the effective use of using layers and the various blending modes.

The turorials are for 2D paint but nearly all the techniques can be applied in 3DCoat.


All the PDF tutorials can be downloaded.



The above is for texturing only,not when to use depth and specular channels in 3DC... You have all three enable at the moment in the upper toolbar and you are only using 1 layer.

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There's a visible seam at the top of your mouse's head. I'd start with this and worry about painting later. :)

How did you get your Maya model into 3D-Coat? By directly importing it into Paint Room or did you go through the Sculpt Room?

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