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Symmetry and clone tool

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Hey so I seen people use the clone tool to "stamp" similar shapes multiple times onto a vox layer.  Awesome!  


So I dove in and am trying to make a rancor sculpt and am on the hands.  I decided to make one claw and just clone it.  So I used the spike tool to make a claw on a new layer:




Then I selected it with the clone tool:




What's weird is that it now has the transform manipulator at the origin.  I've seen people use the clone tool with the manip on the actual object.  What's wrong here?


Well opting to still move it, I moved it only to find two claws sliding from each other as if there was symmetry on it's own plane:




I really don't know what's happening.  I just want to stamp, move, stamp like I've seen other people do.  Anyone know what's wrong?

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Your problem arises because you are in symmetry. Thats why the widget is at the center of all the claws. Disable Symmetry and clone your claw the way you want and then re enable symmetry and use the 'Symmetry Copy tool at the bottom of the Voxtree window. 

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