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PBR Some Useage Questions

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Hi folks, trying to catch up with all the new exciting changes in 3DCoat and have a few artistic questions regarding PBR materials.


1, PBR materials can be used as a sculpting material for better sculpting feedback in voxel and surface mode?

2, PBR materials can be applied to existing vertex painted objects to affect only surface qualities without affecting existing vertex painted color?

3, Can vertex paint be added over a PBR Material that has a texture driven color map?

4a, Can PBR materials be used as faux lighting techniques by setting different diffuse qualities?

4b, Do PBR materials have an emissive mode?

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  1. Yes, there is a PBR Shader
  2. Yes, use the PBR Shader
  3. Don't know
  4. Yes and no. There are now three different "render" modes, one of which supports the old 3DC style, so with that one yes. With the others, no.
  5. No emissiveness yet. I believe SSS is next on the list.
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