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The Candy-floss Kid

Better than than a pile of anatomy books -Écorché assistant App

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Better than a host of anatomy books is the IPad App Écorché assistant created by Alexander Kafoussias.

My appreciation has grown each time I've accessed this App thanks to the clearly organized visual answers to the kind of questions that artists need answered quickly when it comes to understanding anatomy in the round.

From multiple angles (key view points) the origins and insertions of muscles are shown. From multiple angles you can see images such as the front facing relationship of the scapula to the anterior ribcage. In fact I could not find one question be it relating to proportional understanding , mechanical understanding , skeletal or muscular understanding that was not answered clearly within this App and all without the need for searching for these answers within multiple anatomy text books in the hope of finding a good clear view of understanding.

Although an App it's methodology is more akin to a book with images presented from all key angles. It is superbly and logically organized to deliver the answers to your questions quickly as well as allowing you to add these pages to your favorites for quick recall at a later date.

I like it. I like it a lo'


(so much so that it appears that I've used the word 'than' twice in my subject heading :-) )

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That app looks interesting, think I will buy the app, adding it as a digital reference to my "Pile" of anatomy books... LOL


I also like the IPad apps, ArtPose (male) and ArtPoseFE (female) 

Two good apps for getting posing ideas for 3D or 2D...


I could see how all these apps could work together when you are sculpting in 3DC or posing your character in IPad Sculpt+ and then exporting for work in 3DC.


Thanks for the heads up on Écorché assistant.

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Thank you Mr Digman, for your pointer to the ArtPose Apps it looks very useful.


Whilst on the topic of Apps I'm also a big a fan of Michael Defeo's,  L'Ecorché ( By MD3D inc) which he developed with Scott Eaton and Michael Keropian.

This app shows an anatomically corrected version of Jean-Antoine Houdon's classic L'Ecorché sculpture + skeletal version + Eaton's muscular sculpt. My favorite aspect of the App - a version  of Houdon's sculpt in the style of Gottfried Bammes approach to the stylistic simplification of anatomical shape/design relationships.


For similar reasons also The David Plasters App by By MD3D inc is also very cool becuase it clearly represents shape/contours + regional/patch relationships of a digitized/ sculpted versions of  the study casts Michelangelo's David eye, ear, mouth and nose.

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