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Your Personal Artistic Journey, Carol Dweck: The power of believing that you can improve.

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Carol Dweck discusses the importance of a 'growth mindset' and the power of the word "yet". What it means to improve means something different to all of us in our personal artistic endeavors. For some artist's improving means becoming more technical/ photo realistic in rendering, for others it means becoming freer or more child like in expression or design etc etc. Whatever your personal artistic ambitions or goals I think you'll find something in this short lecture.



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In other words, Naturalness... We by nature are designed in our brains to grow... Sit quietly in your home or outside and listen experiencing the present state and you will be astounded at all your mind will start to hear and think about. This type of quiet is not passive but very active. The drive of a culture whether American or others is strong and can dull the natural state of our brain.  When in school that is American school is quietness regarded as advancing one's learning. Her challenge to the students revelled the effect of American production education on human beings... Force fed information with the threat of failure and when older also the threat of being put in jail for not going to said Education Units...

That human beings learn in that environment is a testament, not to the school system but to the human mind's abilities to learn even in unnatural conditions. 


The video shows us not to be afraid of our own brain which is great for the artist, our human brain is not made in a manner of speaking to be put on the inquisitor's torture rack...

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