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10th Challenge Shoes


10th Challenge - Shoes  

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Shoes  :) . that says it all ... whether it is existing shoes, or your imagination, or shoes can be the future ... you decide.
Challenge Rules:
1. Model a shoes and vertex paint (you can use any method of texturing)
2. 3D Coat must be used for all or the greater portion of the work in the Challenge
3. Result - screenshot or render in 3D Coat
4.  Post a WIP from the beginning. Mark the final version of your work with "FINAL VERSION"
Challenge will begin on 24.01.2015 :D 
Deadline  on 23:59  27.07.2015
Hope you will have fun :) .





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Do the shoes have to be vertex painted? I can't use per pixel painting instead? 

Quote: 1. Model a shoes and vertex paint



Good question. I would also like to use per pixel. Is this possible?

I think that you can use any method of texturing  B)

but not necessarily to do low poly model

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Is this challenge going to be extended to see if anyone will model shoes or dropped as there were no takers... I came up with a design but that is far as I got...

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OK there's plenty of time for all to participate



I've never done shoes before. Let's do some shoes.


First the soles; they dictate the fundamental shape of the foot. Shape them with the voxel Cut tool on a flattened cylinder in symmetry. It helps to put a real shoe on your desk and examine it carefully and frequently. Just because we wear shoes all our lives doesn't mean that we should be complacent about them..




Then the heels to give the feet their arch; the heels are made from a cloned sole that's cut to size on one side then itself cloned twice more to be stacked up into a heel.





Pull the soles down a bit to the outside and up on the inside for the arches..




Clone the soles, shrink them a bit and extrude them up for the mass of the shoe




Shape the uppers with the move tool.




For the first time I find myself working a lot with the scrape tool whittling down the edges





Don't despair when it feels like you're wrestling with a blob; just keep wrestling but don't hesitate to rethink your approach. This is like two and a half or three hours of work so far.




OK, just trying to figure out a way to make the shoe a hollow leather object. The reasonable way was to get rid of the entire symmetry thing which in this case is a waste of time and voxels; better to work on one shoe and  have more freedom to operate. In this case with just one shoe to work on I could create its clone, then shrink it leaving behind the appropriate thickness of leather and then subtract the shrunken clone from the original. Can't do that with a symmetrical pair interfering.


Better to make just one shoe then make a mirrored copy over the z axis when its done.



This is just a rough experiment but I'm satisfied the  idea works.



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That's a great use of the retopo tool! 

I have never thought of using retopo in this way but it could be extremely useful for creating any kind of wearable that needs to fit to the contours of a human body.

Well done.

Thank you Marc.
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It seemed to me that in this case retopo will work best. Plus the opportunity to practice once again. :D  :D  :D
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I learned a lot today; adding lights in the new PBR render room, making the blurred HDR light sharpen to the full photo (It comes with 4 of them), using surface tools in the voxel mode, and above all else, the Vox Layer tool handy in making a toe cap or separating the tongue of the shoe from the lace up part.



Oh and my procedure for pulling stuff up was wrong. It distorts the voxel, elongates them so they're not cubic. This really affected my ability to sculpt the shoe on teh Y plane. So digman got me to right click on the distorted layer ( the shoe uppers) and select "To Global Space" That recubified the pixels properly.



And while I was messing about on the right click on teh voxel layer menu I also discovered the Extract Shell command which allow you to extract a shell to however many voxels thickness you wish. This will be a much better means of making a shoe than the boolean subtract method which is dodgy in its results.


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It's been a long hard night with lots of testing different approaches back and forth.



It was necessary to produce a hollow shoe before attaching the lace holes flap with the cut out tongue but this meant that smoothing the lace hole flaps to the main body of the shoe was from what I can tell, impossible without immediately blasting holes in the shoe's surface. This isn't bad considering I'm in voxels still eh?






Maybe someond can show me a workaround on smoothing thin membranes like this. Perhaps I should be in Skin Mode and that will prevent holes in the  skin...not sure.



OK I just went over from Voxel to Skin mode and it's great; I can  smooth and blend the thin layer of leather with ease and no danger of punching holes in the membrane. 


It was time to go over anyhow; next up is stitching and that will require variable detailed mesh. 

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One thing I've noticed is that if you're going to change the curvature map and the amb occl map then you'd better dump the old ones both in the garbage before you create new ones. 3d Coat doesn't like overwriting files lately. 13A refused to overwrite save 3b files entirely (though 14 has fixed that). Now 14 doesn't like overwriting amb occlusion and curvature map files. And even trying to dump them in the garbage manually is a very arduous task. I suppose they must be huge caches of numbers?

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