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3D-Coat for 3D Printing?


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I just got 3D-Coat over the holidays for modeling for animation. Just great in that capacity. However I'm finding I now also want to apply it to 3D printing almost as a secondary benefit of modelling in 3D. 


As I was puttering around on Lynda.com I saw a tutorial on Z Brush sending a job to a 3D printer. Apparently ZB has an interface within the program for 3D printing. Since I was never looking to print before, it was off my radar. But now that I'm aware of it, it made me wonder if 3D-Coat has a similar interface written in.


If not, what is the way people using 3D-Coat send a job a 3D printer? And if it's outputting a file to another software, what is a reasonable software interface utility without having to go to an expensive CAD program or whatever and what is the file type one uses for it? Is an .obj file enough? Is there a tutorial on it?



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