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Getting Voxel Object out with Shader?


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Hope is ok to post here, sort of Noob question.  Have been working on a tree in 3D Coat, but wondering the best route to get it exported out, and also if it is possible to Bake the Shaders Out so that it looks like

it does in 3D Coat.  


If I export it out normally, then comes out fine, but of course all as one Mesh, no real way of adjusting all the parts or as seperate Surfaces (of course not).  But would be great to be able to do so when going over to say Cinema 4D or Lightwave.


If I try to Retopo I think this will be a mess, at least the Auto Retop was...   (probably my fault).


What is the best route to go about this?  





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A manual retopo would be very time consuming. The "Strokes" tool is the fastest and you might make short work using it on the branches. Autopo for something like that IMO is best done by first Decimating (in the Geometry menu in Surface mode) at 75% and Autopo without your making any contribution (let the algorithm do the work). If it is unsatisfactory in some parts, delete those parts and replace with some manual work. In C4D , you can massage it in point mode or with a deformer.

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