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PBR metallic smoothness to unity 5


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hi, version 4.5 export PBR to unity 5, if use Gloss/specular work flow there save texture to png format havn't problem, glossness map is in alpha channel. 

But if change work flow to Gloss/metalness, I can't find glossness map in alpha channel with same png format, metalness has a single texture, glossness has another single texture, how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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Q. What is the workflow to export PBR maps that are compatible with Unity 5?


In the Paint Room go to Textures>Texture Export/Import Workflow and choose your preference.

Paint your model.


For Roughness/Metalness workflow:

Go to Textures>Export>Color/albedo Map (name it with _Albedo)

Go to Textures>Export>Normal Map (TS, Low-Poly Mesh) (name it with _Normal Map)


Go to Textures>Texture Export/Import Workflow and choose Gloss/Color Specular

Go to Textures>Export>Specular Color (name it with _Metallic)

(Optional) Go to Textures>Export>Emissive Intensity (name it with _Emission)


In Unity, using the Standard Shader:

Drag Color/albedo Map on Albedo channel

Drag Normal Map on Normal Map channel

Drag Specular Color Map on Metallic channel

Drag Emissive Intensity Map on Emission channel and choose emission color.

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