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I discovered 3d-Coat 16 days ago.
I tried several software when doing retopology character.
But when I started to do retopology in 3d-Coat I thought that this is where the developers really been working hard. Retopologiyu in 3d-Coat is a true delight.
Now I am studying other features of 3d-Coat. I must say that the learning process is incredibly easy.
This is my character for which I did retopology in 3d-Coat.
I want to make my mesh as accurately as possible describes the shape of the body, with a minimum number of polygons.
10014 points of base mesh.






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Looking good Dryulya, shoes turned out great. I tried sculpting a pair of converse all star for the challenge but they looked like a lump of mud, might need to try out your technique.

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